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I'm Paul Cato, a professional New Zealand artist, and I have recently moved north from Queenstown, where my painting career began, to the Kowhai Coast near Warkworth. My specialty is painting large vistas, and my primary medium is oils.


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More visitors drop out of the sky

By Paul Cato | September 7, 2009

I just sat down for a cup of coffee around noon and heard a helicopter close by. There’s nothing too unusual about that because they often fly around here and quite a few guests have flown in over the years. Usually I get a phone-call first but this one just kept getting louder until I was face-to-face, through the window, with the pilot and a chopper full of visitors.

Just as well the roses aren’t blooming yet or Sharon would have been upset to see them blown to bits. It was her idea to plant them right next to where helicopter pilots like to land, but they just HAD to go right there!


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