One of the best ways to secure a Paul Cato landscape is to commission it. The exact size and shape can be nominated and the scene of your choice can be painted with particular attention to your preferences for specific atmosphere and lighting.

Places that Paul is familiar with

The most common requests are for general areas but with certain characteristics or features, for example, "something from Lake Manapouri with winter snow lines, still water and low-lying mist." Paul has worked to similar specifications as this a number of times every year and has always had a 100% satisfaction rate with the finished product from all his commission clients.

Working from a client's photographs

Although he is capable, Paul will not merely copy a photograph. (He gave that up when he finished his sign-painting pictorials years ago.) However he will make use of a client's photographs to compose a painting. The usual requirement is to have a range of photographs from various positions in order for Paul to appreciate the scale and perspective. And he prefers to also have a side-shot of the place the main photos were taken from to better understand the lay of the land.

A painting will then be 'composed' which often means that the reference material is manipulated to comply with some of the 'rules' of composition. Usually this mostly affects the immediate foreground and back to the middle distance. It is important to inform the artist about any significant features that you may want included.

Typical procedure for commissioning a painting

A client makes an initial inquiry and a dialogue is established about the scene, the size and any other preferences. (Paul will wish to see any reference material you may have at this time.) Paul will respond with a price for the finished artwork and an approximate time-frame for completion. A deposit of 25% is usually required for the commission to begin and an agreement is to be signed. Paul undertakes the painting project and sends Jpeg images of the near-completed work. If no changes are required (there have never been any) the painting is completed and the client notified when it is dry enough for packaging and shipping. On receipt of the remaining funds the painting is shipped.

With any particularly large commissioned work Jpeg images can be sent at various stages, once the entire canvas is covered, to show areas of detail as they are completed.


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