Testimonials and Comments

The following are just some of the unsolicited accolades and comments from correspondence and Paul's studio guest book. (All are verifiable and on record.)


"We have felt literally drawn into our painting. It's as though, in different lights, one is enticed in to become part of the scene."
H Sutherland   Auckland, New Zealand

"Wonderful work! We will enjoy our painting!"
L and B Strange   Texas, USA

"Terrific use of light! Love the picture of Doubtful Sound!"
J Davies   Wales, UK

"We shall treasure our beautiful painting"
J and E Webster   Dorset, UK

"The picture arrived this morning all safe and well. All we have to do now is drag ourselves away from looking at it and hang it on the wall!"
M Alexander   Auckland, New Zealand

"Wonderful! Awesome!"
L and S Turner   CA, USA

"Absolutely beautiful!"
R and M Dobson   Wellington, New Zealand

"Beautiful Paintings — a pleasure to see!"
R and V Morgan   TAS, Australia

"Magnificent!! Gorgeous! Realistic!"
R Church   NY, USA

"I love your work! What wonderful inspiration. I will cherish the painting I bought, thank you!"
J Reynolds   Auckland, New Zealand

"Very Dramatic!"
T Kenney   Surrey, England

"Very inspiring!"
C and G Osborne   WA, Australia

"The best! Fantastic Work!"
S Pearce Fielding, New Zealand

"10 out of 10."
L Sheels   Surrey, England

"Beautiful scenes and a lovely atmosphere!"
T Fairweather   South Africa

"Best we've seen for some time!"
J and C Panclinst   Canterbury, New Zealand

"Beautiful work!"
M and S Bresler   Cape Town, South Africa

"Lovely Work!"
H G Wisteria   Australia

"A most interesting visit! Thanks for our beautiful painting"
D and L Rice   QLD, Australia

"Wonderful talent!"
C Nolen   Texas, USA

"Beautiful work! Feels like we are there!"
A and M Morrison   Dublin, Ireland

"I love all your paintings! Mahalo [thank-you] for letting me see."
N Hill   Hawaii, USA

J Schiffmann   WA, USA

"They are all beautiful. I especially love the one of your daughter!"
A Koenig   Texas, USA

"Excellent work, Paul!"
P Rock   Florida, USA

"Beautiful work!"
Hong Kong

Block and Sojka   Prague, Czech Republic

"Absolutely wonderful! It will look marvelous in our home!"
J Wilson   Northern Ireland

"Wonderful paintings, and a most interesting artist."
R J Stewart   Winton, New Zealand

"Love the portraits! Look forward to the new ones. Great to talk to you."
C Herron

"Inspiring and encouraging talk."
C and A Horsfield   South Wales, UK

"You catch it all. Keep painting!"
L Singers   England

"Would adore to own one of your paintings Paul."
J Gardiner   Waihi Beach, New Zealand

"Out of this world! What a gift."
D and P Crossley   Tauranga, New Zealand